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5 Leading Examples Of Social Media In Real Estate

Are you wondering what to say on social media? Can social media really help grow your real estate business?

Need some inspiration to take your social media to another level?

Every real estate business in your local market is competing for the attention of the same people, so it’s important to look outside of your marketplace to learn what’s working for other real estate brands worldwide.

In this article, I’ll share 5 Leading Examples Of Social Media In Real Estate, from small to large brands across Australia and around the world who are paving the way in their local market.

#1: Brad Bell Real Estate – Brisbane, Australia

Always looking for ways to add value to their community, the team at Brad Bell Real Estate created an online community called The Hub 4122, named after the postcode where their office is located. The blog includes helpful local news, events and guest posts by other local businesses which is shared across their Facebook and Twitter profiles. The Bells took it to another level by building a coffee shop in the side of their agency by the same name as their online community. The coffee shop provides a place offline for their online community to interact. It brings hundreds of locals and their families to the doors of Brad Bell Real Estate each week, providing added social currency for the brand.

By building an audience on social media with helpful content marketing outside of their core business, and combining this with an offline meeting place, owners James and Sarah Bell have strengthened their reputation as a trusted authority in the local market.

Check out Brad Bell’s real estate website.

#2: Holli Beckman – Washington, United States

Embracing the fact that social media is a place where people sometimes go to vent their frustration, Holli Beckman took to Twitter with a mission to help solve people’s problems. Speaking to Jay Baer and Erica Campbell Byrum, the authors of Youtility For Real Estate: Why Smart Real Estate Professionals Are Helping Not Selling, Holli said:

“I just started offering help. If someone complained, ‘My roommate sucks’ or ‘I can’t find a good roommate,’ I would tweet them and point them to a blog post we had already written about that,” says Holli. “But then I started tweeting more open-ended responses like: ‘Hey, I saw that you’re overwhelmed. It can be overwhelming. If you need any assistance, let me know.’ And people responded immediately to that.”

In just 30 days, Holli generated more than 100 leads for her company, all from this initiative alone with a total cost of zero.

#3: The Boutique Real Estate Group – Orange County, United States

Specialising in the high-end luxury real estate market in one of the most picturesque locations around the world, The Boutique Real Estate Group doesn’t do things by halves. Everything they produce is of the highest quality and tells a story – in high definition photo or video.

While they are present on numerous social media platforms, it’s The Boutique Real Estate Group’s Pinterest profile that attracted our attention.

With over 40 boards showcasing local homes, stunning property features and the local community, The Boutique Real Estate Group’s Pinterest profile has over 2,000 pins and more than 33,000 followers.

The top three benefits to using Pinterest in real estate:

  1. Drive immediate traffic to your real estate website
  2. Traffic to your real estate website brings Google ranking organically
  3. Build your reputation with more potential clients

#4: Ray White New Farm – Brisbane, Australia

While Facebook tends to get most of the attention here in Australia, Instagram is fast becoming the network of choice for millennials and photo sharing junkies alike. The platform provides a big opportunity for real estate brands to engage their audience with visual storytelling on a platform that is currently still largely unaffected by algorithmic limitations. It’s a platform that Ray White New Farm have embraced.

The team at Ray White New Farm include a mix of stunning property shots, local landmark snaps and tasteful cross-promotion of other local businesses such as restaurants and bars. With over 1,900 followers and high engagement on every post, Ray White New Farm are an example of a company who delivers content that turns their local market on.

#5: Gary Peer Real Estate – Melbourne, Australia

Everyone in real estate is talking about video but few are doing it, and even fewer are doing it well. Gary Peer Real Estate in Melbourne Australia are leading the way with their weekly show called GPTV.

The quality of each episode is of a professional standard, but it’s the content and presenters that make GPTV so engaging. With 150 episodes under their belt, business partners Gary Peer and Phillip Kingston deliver a weekly show full of property news, auction results, market updates and general community news in roughly 15 minutes. Each episode is highly informative and sometimes hilarious.

To date, GPTV has collectively received over 48,000 views on Youtube. When we recently interviewed Gary for the Real Estate Pros Podcast, he told us that GPTV‘s success, he believes is due to “…having a lot of fun at each others expense, taking a light-hearted approach but with a message that resonates with our audience in the markets we work in.”

Over to you. What content are you creating to win the hearts and minds of your community using social media? Are you delivering value or are you just pushing your listings and recent results? Leave a comment in the box below or other examples you’ve found of social media being done well in real estate.

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