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Facebook has announced they are giving users more power to control what they see in their News Feed and provide feedback on what they are seeing from people, Pages and Groups. Is this good news for your company Page or community Group? 

Facebook has launched a new functionality that allows users to quickly un-follow and re-follow people, Pages and Groups. The new features aren’t available here in Australia just yet but it won’t be long until it’s available to everyone.

Read Facebook’s official announcement about the changes with video here.

If you’re not sure how the News Feed works in Facebook, here’s a quick overview: Rather than showing a chronologically ordered list of all posts in your News Feed, Facebook’s algorithm picks out what it thinks is more notable and important for YOU and surfaces that to the top. This is broadly based on your interactions within your News Feed, so the more you interact with with certain people, brands or pages, the more likely you’ll see their posts. The number of comments and likes a post gets can also determine when a post hits your News Feed.

The Facebook algorithms are not always 100% correct in determining the content you want so Facebook are always looking for new ways to give their 1.35 billion monthly users even more power to control it themselves. These new changes will simply provide more options to Facebook users to tune out the noise, get the content they want and be able to re-follow people, Pages or Groups if and when they want to.

What does this mean for your company Page?

Companies who consistently publish relevant, engaging and helpful organic content that their fans actually want to receive have nothing to fear. Those who continuously self-promote could be punished severely.

As TechCrunch put it:

Facebook isn’t designed to put businesses first, or even put all your friends first so you see all their posts. It’s centered around each individual. Because if Facebook prioritises anything else, people stop visiting, and nobody gets any attention to their posts. As long as the end user is happy, at least someone will get the attention 1.35 billion people pour into News Feed.

What’s working for your company on Facebook? Share your comments below and share this post with your own fans/friends.

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