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Have We Lost The Social In Social Media?There are more than 12 million active Facebook accounts in Australia and the average Australian spends one in every five minutes on social media each day. That’s 4.8 hours every day. So if people are spending that much time on social media, what are they doing?

The last time you logged in to Facebook, was it to find a property to rent? Or was it to look for a salesperson or property manager? If you’re like me and most Australians, you’re on Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, brands you’re interested in or, for some, to post the occasional selfie or “as-it-is-happening” photo of what you’re having for lunch.

Every time someone visits their news feed there are on average 1500 potential stories from friends, people they follow and pages for them to see, and most people don’t have enough time to see them all. So Facebook makes our mind up for us with sophisticated algorithms that predict what we might like to see most. No matter what you think, company pages don’t make it anywhere close to the top of that list.

So what does this all mean for companies on social media?

While the discussion around algorithms and news feeds can get quite technical, the reality for companies that play on social media is not. You are no longer competing against other businesses, you’re competing against funny cat videos and status updates from family and friends. It doesn’t matter how many “likes” you have, it matters how many people actually care and find your marketing truly and inherently useful to them. Facebook users have more power than ever before with the ability to hide irrelevant posts so even paid ads on Facebook don’t guarantee you’ll reach your fans, especially if all you are doing is blasting them with your listings.

Are you more interesting to your followers than their family and friends? Because that is who you are competing against for attention and it’s about to get much harder unless you put the social back into your social media and fast.

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