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Just Listed’s, Just Sold’s, Reviews… Is automating them all to social a good idea?

Everyone’s doing it!

My real estate friends, it’s time to stop automating the posting of your property listings and reviews on your Facebook and Instagram Pages. You may think that automating the posting of your latest reviews, “just listed” and “just sold” posts is a harmless way to keep your followers engaged, and there is no shortage of tech available that can automate the posting of listings (or reviews) to your social feeds.

But the truth is, it may be having the opposite effect of what you intend and you could be throwing good money at a bad strategy.

The Problem with Flooding Your Followers’ Feeds

According to a Fast Company article, your followers are more likely to report a post as spam than to unlike your page. Furthermore, Facebook’s rules state that negative feedback may cause your posts and ads to reach fewer people for the same budget, or even lead to losing the ability to advertise.

Automation has the power to streamline processes and improve efficiency, but don’t assume that everything should be automated. Overusing automation, especially with social media posting, can dilute the personal touch that is essential in building relationships with clients and may put their brand’s reputation at risk.

Striking the right balance between automation and genuine human interaction is key to a successful real estate marketing strategy.

By flooding your followers’ feeds with listings and making your page all about listings, you run the risk of being seen as “spammy” in the eyes of Facebook and Instagram. An increase in negative feedback will hurt the likelihood that Facebook will feature any of your content organically in the News Feed, even to people who already like your page.

Bringing the ‘Social’ Back to Social Media

Your social media feeds should be about ‘social media’ – content that is social by nature. To boost your agent profile, consider sharing a mix of interesting and engaging content that your followers will appreciate. This could include sharing local news, community events, or the stuff you do every day.

By sharing fewer but higher-quality posts, you can create a more positive experience for your followers, improve engagement, and ultimately reach a larger audience.

Focus on sharing a mix of interesting and engaging content that your followers will appreciate. This could include sharing local news, community events, or even examples of successful social media campaigns in the real estate industry. By concentrating on quality over quantity, you ensure that each post adds value and encourages interaction.

Consistently posting high-quality content will not only make your followers more likely to engage with your posts but will also signal to Facebook and Instagram that your content is worth showing in their users’ News Feeds. As a result, your engagement will likely increase, and your content will be seen by more people, even those who don’t currently follow your page.

Sharing the occasional review or unique listing doesn’t hurt. But do it manually and genuinely. Don’t just automate, set and forget.

Never forget that you are not just competing for attention against other real estate agents on social media. You are competing for attention against everything that’s important to your followers.

The Benefits of Running Ads for Listings

Instead of posting listings directly to your Facebook and Instagram Pages, consider using Meta’s ad platform to promote your properties. This way, you’ll only be showing ads to people who are more likely to be interested in them, rather than spamming your Page followers.

There’s a distinct difference between running ads and posting content on your Page. While ads are paid promotions that target specific audiences, posts are organic content shared with your followers. By running ads for your listings instead of automatically posting them to your page (and potentially boosting them), you’ll be able to reach a larger, more relevant audience without overwhelming your current followers.

The Pitfalls of Posting Listings To Your Page and Running Ads Simultaneously

While it may seem like a good idea to post your property listings on your Facebook Page and then run ads for the same properties, doing so can actually be counterproductive. Here are some reasons why this approach can negatively impact your social media presence and overall marketing efforts:

1. Redundancy and Ad Fatigue

When you post a listing on your Facebook Page and then run an ad for the same property, your audience may see the same content multiple times. This redundancy can lead to ad fatigue, causing potential clients to grow tired of seeing the same content repeatedly. As a result, they may start to ignore your posts or even hide them, leading to decreased engagement and reach.

2. Wasted Ad Spend

Running ads for listings that are already posted on your Facebook Page may result in a waste of your advertising budget. Your ads may end up being shown to people who have already seen the listing on your Page, reducing the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Instead, allocate your ad budget to target new audiences who haven’t been exposed to your listings and are more likely to be interested in your properties.

3. Conflicting Performance Metrics

By posting a listing on your Page and then running an ad for the same property, you may end up with conflicting performance metrics. It becomes challenging to determine whether the engagement and clicks are coming from your organic post or your ad campaign. This lack of clarity can make it difficult to measure the success of your marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions.

4. Missing Out on the Benefits of Ad Targeting

When you post a listing directly on your Facebook Page, you’re limited to reaching only your current followers and whoever they choose to share the post with. However, by running an ad for your listing, you can take advantage of Facebook’s advanced targeting options to reach a larger, more relevant audience. By relying solely on organic posts, you miss out on the opportunity to tap into this powerful advertising feature.

In closing…

It’s essential for real estate agents to rethink their approach to social media automation and focus on providing engaging, social content to their followers. By doing so, they can avoid being seen as spammy and maintain their Page quality and advertising opportunities.

Utilise Meta’s ad platform for promoting listings, or better yet, check out our Advance platform. In just a few clicks, you can advertise your listings, track open home attendance, drive enquiries, and promote your profile to local homeowners.

Keep your social media feeds, well, more social.

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