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Audit your social media presence. What do you see?

If the answer doesn’t involve a strategic approach to LinkedIn—or any approach at all for that matter—it’s time to rethink your social media efforts.

While it may seem like less of a player in the industry when up against platforms like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is not one to be forgotten. Over the years, networking capabilities on the channel have expanded far beyond the one-to-one messages exchanged between acquaintances. This professional powerhouse channel of today is now a major content distributor that offers a variety of ways to find new business partnerships and leads.

5 Ways to Invest in Your LinkedIn Strategy

If you’re still skeptical of the benefits LinkedIn can truly reap for your real estate company, consider the following: the network is home to over 500 million users. Not only is LinkedIn a powerhouse, it has global fighting power with far-reaching relevancy, no matter the market you’re catering to within real estate.

In addition, LinkedIn serves a dual purpose. While you may start by using the channel to drive client leads, you may find it useful when building business partnerships as well. After all, as a real estate agent, you’re an expert in connecting with your community. What better way to emphasize that than by developing relationships with key influencers in your area?

Here are 5 ways to to improve your LinkedIn profile to earn more attention from clients, partners and prospects.

1. Use your Real Estate LinkedIn Profile to Reflect Brand Image

Regardless of the degree to which you choose to embrace LinkedIn as an agent, having a polished profile is an absolute must. Think of every channel you have any degree of presence on as an opportunity to sway a potential client’s favour in one direction or the other. If your networks are inconsistent in messaging and imagery, and/or a poor reflection of the brand voice you hope to convey, it’ll work against you and your bottom line.

2. Choosing the Right Profile Picture

When it comes to your profile imagery, consistency is key. As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to put the same head-shot and/or logo to work in representing your real estate brand across all of your social channels. You want your business to come off professionally, especially on your real estate LinkedIn profile; a channel dedicated to the professional.

3. Don’t Forget a Cover Photo!

It can be easy to overlook but think of your cover photo as an extension of your brand. This is where you can visually emphasize why a visitor might want to learn more about your business. For example, if you focus on luxury listings, incorporate photos of listings you specialise in in the cover photo, such as Brisbane agent Jason Adcock.

4. Fill Out your Bio

If you were to access the ‘About’ section of a given website, would you expect to find a blank page? Certainly not! For this same reason, think of your LinkedIn bio in the same sense. While your imagery might help to capture the immediate attention of visitors, your bio description is what will further push them to want to get in contact with you.

Keep in mind that this is the section to showcase your personality. Rather than just listing off years of experience alongside different companies and lists of skills, give some background on your approach. What motivates you as an agent, differentiating you from all the rest? The more relevant you can make this section to your audience, the more compelled they will be to get in touch.

5. Publish Content about Real Estate on LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

In addition to a bio, one of the best ways to paint a more in-depth picture of your real estate company as a brand is to publish LinkedIn articles. Any articles written on LinkedIn will display towards the top of your profile alongside a follower account specific to them.

The more of a following you garner through quality content, the more you also develop an image of influence in the space.

Before starting to publish, be mindful of the ways in which it may impact your SEO in conjunction with blogging you might be doing on your personal agent website. While it’s been argued that any content from a blog reposted on your LinkedIn channel won’t be counted against your search rankings as duplicate content, it’s something to remain conscious of. You can always choose to differentiate subject matter created for LinkedIn from that of your blog in order to cover your bases and cater to other potential audiences.

For example, it could be worth exploring LinkedIn as an outlet for video. Instead of re-posting content from your website’s blog, consider re-purposing it into a video format for circulation on LinkedIn. This is one way to make the most of topics you’re already creating for and put a face to your real estate business.

There’s Power in Numbers

As previously mentioned, LinkedIn doesn’t just provide a way for connecting with potential clients, but members of your local business community as well. The more you network in this sense, the more added value you bring to clients when it comes to learning about the best schools, the best coffee shops for remote work, the city’s nightlife, and so on.

One way to develop these partnerships, outside of walking door-to-door, is to establish a presence within relevant groups on LinkedIn. No matter what you’re looking for, groups provide that sense of niche for further developing meaningful connections that’ll be relevant to your specific real estate LinkedIn endeavours. As you build your own network and credibility among these groups, you, in turn, build future opportunities for collaboration and referrals.

Give and Solicit Career Advice

Another way to explore mutually beneficial business relationships would be through LinkedIn Career Advice. Through this tool, you can either choose to solicit advice from others in your field or mentor others by providing advice of your own. While the value of these types of exchanges may not seem clear in the short term, positioning yourself as top-of-mind in your field among a growing group of trusted connections can only serve to open more doors down the road.

Real Estate LinkedIn Marketing

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