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Social Media Marketing In Real Estate

If all your competitors are trying to convince the same people on social media with their “special offer” (and they are), what makes you any more appealing?

The real question you should be asking is: How do we find out what makes us more appealing?”

The processes around social media marketing in real estate can be quite sophisticated, so here are two quick wins for fast traction you can apply right now.

1. What is your current audience size versus engagement per post?

It doesn’t matter how many followers or “likes” you have on social media, what really counts is how many care. While engagement should not be your strategy, engagement means everything when it comes to achieving your goals, whether it be creating awareness of your brand, generating leads or increasing advocacy of your company. Initially, only one of these should be your primary business objective with social media.

Drill down deeper into each social media platform to understand what type of content is resonating with each audience for you and your competitors.

2. Where are your competitors hanging out?

Understanding your competitive online landscape is critical to identifying the opportunities that might help amplify your presence where there is minimal or no presence of your competition. This process is described as the Bullseye Framework in the book Traction.

Explore each social media platform for potential traction in your marketplace where your competitors are not present, provided your prospects and clients are active and engaged on those channels.

Individuals and companies in the business of real estate are investing in social media marketing at a level we have never seen before, and they are unlocking a huge online competitive advantage in marketplaces just like yours.

The process behind how we work with companies and individuals to help them understand and profit from social media is much more comprehensive than what you have read above, but it includes these two critical points in a big way. I hope you find it useful in your own social media efforts.

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