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The Best And Worst Times To Post On Facebook

Are you wondering when you should post on your company’s Facebook page?

Do you know if the times you post are having an impact on engagement?

Here at Stepps, we’ve done numerous testing for our clients on the best and worst times to post on social media and here we dive into the most popular platform being Facebook and the metrics that matter. What we always seem to find are some captivating facts about a company’s Facebook reach, posting frequency and what matters most to get the engagement you want.

In this article I’ll share how you can find your own data and determine what works best for your own audience.

Constant changes to the Facebook algorithm are affecting the reach of content being posted on most company pages. If you have a Facebook page for your business you will have noticed a steady decline in the amount of people who see your posts. Although there are many factors that go into social media strategy and why a post will get noticed, liked and shared, timing is a big part of that equation.

The average lifespan of a Facebook post in 2011 was 22 hours. That figure in 2014 is said to be just three hours. We’ve all heard the saying: “If a tree falls in the forest but no one is around, does it make a sound?” It’s important to think about this the next time you schedule a post on your company page.

It’s easy to work out when your fans are online via your own company Facebook page from the insights tab.

Next, click on the Posts tab.

You’ll now see what days and times that your specific fans are most active online.

You might like to consider what device that your fans are using during these busy times as well because the smaller the screen, the shorter the attention span and if you are looking at the graph above and thinking 8pm is the time we ought to post, your fans are most likely using their mobile devices in between dinner time and their favourite TV show.

If your content is highly engaging and shareable you have a big opportunity to entertain and engage your fans when they are online. But if you are using these busy periods to simply push your latest “just sold” or “just listed” announcement and tell everyone what the auction clearance rate was in your area on the weekend then I’m sorry to tell you that Facebook’s algorithm knows exactly what you are doing and it will knock you down.

The key is to stop talking about yourself on Facebook and start talking about the people you help.

A more advanced feature in the Audience Insights tab within Facebook Ads Manager will show you what devices your fans are using most so you can optimise your content to suit where and when they are accessing Facebook.

Over to You

You can find a lot of advice out there telling you when you should post on Facebook to get the most visibility and engagement. Instead of taking it at face value and applying it to your page across the board, do some testing to find out if the advice works for your audience by using the tools that Facebook give you for free.

While there are many factors that go into a post that goes viral, what we’ve share with you here is one big part of that—we hope it gives you a place to start and an idea of what to look for and measure. It’s important to do your own testing to find out what works for you.

There’s no magic time when you should be posting on Facebook for the best engagement—in fact, content may play a larger role than the time of your post. However, for additional engagement I recommend posting at times when your fans are most online.

Social media marketing circles have debated for years that scheduling your posts using third party apps like Buffer or Hootsuite can actually hurt your reach. While people argue about that, you should use Facebook’s own tool to schedule your posts ahead of time. You can do that right from drop-down arrow in the post box on your page. We have noticed a significant shift in our own page and our clients pages from using this scheduler over third party apps.

What do you think? Are your Facebook posts performing well? Do you post when your fans are online? Have you found the times that work best for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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