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Most people nowadays spend hours in front of the computer for myriad reasons. Some of them like to watch videos, download music, read useful articles and lots of other fun activities. At the same time, using the internet has increasingly become a part of the average person’s work life. Now there is a tool that does all of the hard work of connecting these channels for you while you sleep.

If you think technology is just a “thing” that gets in the road of real work then you need to be aware that your competitors are using tools such as IFTTT right now in their businesses, and it’s helping to attract – and keep – their audience.

IFTTT is a free online automation tool that will enable you to connect two services so that when something happens with one service, a trigger goes off, and the action takes place automatically on the other. For example if you are an active social media user and you receive an email from someone (the trigger) who is not already a contact on social media, IFTTT will spring into action and automate a connection request with that person (the action) based on the filters you have set up.

IFTTT was launched in 2010 and has been recognised as one of the best apps by several tech publications. Its slogan is: “Put the internet to work for you.”

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