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How does the world see YOU?

There are plenty of personality profiling tests that discover how you see the world, but there is only one that discovers how the world sees you.

Created by world-class branding expert Sally Hogshead, the Fascination Advantage Test helps you discover yourself through the science of fascination and we are giving away FREE access to one lucky person.

According to the Fascinate System, your personality is uniquely hardwired to fascinate others based on two unique advantages. Developed in conjunction with Kelton Research, Sally Hogshead led the first-ever marketing research study into how people and brands become more fascinating and the relationship with decision making around:

  • Brand choices
  • Careers
  • Relationships
  • Personal branding

The Kelton Fascination Study sought to determine:

  • How much fascination is worth in terms of dollars
  • How much more people are willing to pay for fascinating products and services
  • Which employees are most engaged and engrossed at work
  • How leaders can fascinate their employees
  • What exactly determines if a message, or product, is fascinating
  • What behaviors and actions people exhibit when they are fascinated
  • The resulting research offers a breadth and depth of insight

The Fascination Advantage Test determines which of the 49 Personality Archetypes you personally align with based on your primary and secondary Fascination Advantages (see chart below).

After 28 short questions you will receive an in-depth customised report that is not only scarily accurate but easy to interpret and apply to everyday life.

This is what your report will look like (and my actual results).

You can involve your entire team and complete a custom analysis of your organisation including your “Heat Map” of Archetypes to visually describe the complimentary Advantages of all team members. This is an amazing tool not only to build your personal brand but improve the interactions you have with people on a daily basis.

Tell us in the comments below which Archetype you think you are (see chart above) and we’ll give one lucky person FREE access to the Fascination Advantage Test to see if they were right (valued at $37 USD)

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