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Have you ever wanted to hide certain pages of your website from showing up in Google search results? Our discovery of the week allows you to do just that.

Do you notice the links from your website Google recommends when you do a search for your company or product? Are you wondering how you could remove or edit which site links Google shows for your company?

Google Webmaster Tools lets you do a lot of cool things with your website such as research data and keyword searches for your site. It even scans and notifies you of errors, malware or other issues with your site, including hiding URLs from showing up in search results.

This might be handy in situations such as when you’re developing a new page, privacy concerns or duplicate content issues. The filter is applied for 60 days so you will need to go through this process again if you wish to continue hiding a certain page of your site from showing up in Google.

Typically your web designer would handle all of this for you but if you already have permissions to access Google Webmaster Tools, go to your site profile > Google Index > Remove URLs > type in the page you would like to hide from Google’s search results > hit continue.

Note: You should ask for help from your developer to access Google Webmaster Tools before you go tinkering around.

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