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Discovery Of The Week

Do you have trouble keeping track of expenses or remembering to do your logbook every year? Do you struggle to put all this together at tax time?

Our discovery of the week is a hassle-free way to do all of this on your smartphone, something your accountants and bookkeepers will love you for.

Working in real estate means you most likely spend a lot of time away from your desk. Enter Expensify.

This app streamlines your expense management. Use billable expenses, logbook and time tracking, plus the powerful Expensify mobile app to submit work-related expenses, no matter where you are.

expensify-web-3You can easily track mileage using GPS, Google Maps, or simply enter the number of kilometres travelled and Expensify will do the rest. The app also integrates with most of the latest cloud accounting packages, such as Xero and Quickbooks, so your accountants or bookkeepers will consider you their BFFs.

You can get started quickly with a free personal account or contact the team at Expensify about their business plans and get the whole team involved.

If you work in real estate, this app just might save you some precious time.

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