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Did you get that email I sent you?

It’s a question at the start of so many phone calls in the real estate business. Whether it’s a seller, buyer, solicitor, landlord or tenant, chances are there isn’t a day goes by that you don’t ask this question or have someone ask you.

Created by inbound marketing experts Hubspot, this free app plugs into Outlook or Gmail so you can monitor who opens your emails and what they click on, all in real-time.

See Who Opens and Clicks Your Email

With Sidekick email tracking, you get live notifications when someone opens or clicks on one of your emails, and you’ll know when, how many times, where, and with which device they opened your email.

Whether you’re sending contracts or paperwork to buyers, sellers, solicitors, landlords or tenants and proposals to prospects or referral partners, Sidekick is such a powerful tool to help you close deals faster, measure how your marketing is really performing and help you start your next interaction with that person in a more professional manner.

It will take you about five minutes to set up for Outlook or Gmail and if you simply follow the prompts it is easy to do. There is a limit of 200 notifications a month on the free plan, however if you upgrade to the premium version for $US10 a month you will receive unlimited notifications. There is also a smartphone app so you can receive notifications on the go.

We recommend this app to all of our clients and the reaction from everyone in the office when they start using it is always the same. Wow!

Are you still asking “that” question? Please stop it. Get Sidekick.

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