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They’ve existed on third-party platforms for years, but instant property estimate software is now making its way onto more and more real estate office websites as a powerful lead generation tool while educating real estate consumers on the factors that may determine the value of their property at any given time.

What is an Instant Property Estimate?

A property estimate is an automated web API that uses information about the location, size and features of a property, as well as recent local comparable sales, to provide homeowners with an estimated value. And it’s one of the most requested new features from our website clients.

SA based agency Harris Real Estate showcase this feature the moment a user lands on their home page.

Utilising the Domain API, home sellers can obtain an instant property estimate, based on real-time data along with an in-depth overview of comparable sales, suburb demographics, market performance and more.

The call-to-action is also strategically placed throughout the website to capture leads…

Dedicated landing pages for agents (to use in social media, email, SMS or offline marketing campaigns: 

Agent Profile pages:

Listing pages (current and sold):

If you’re thinking “Those property estimate generators are so inaccurate. I’d never put that on my website.”, you’re not alone. Many real estate businesses think the same way.

But here’s the thing… they have existed on other websites for many years for the purpose of lead generation. And homeowners are using them – a lot.

By putting this experience on your own website, you are not just attracting lots more curious home sellers. But, if done right, you are getting an opportunity to educate homeowners on the benefits and accuracy of an agent appraisal over a computer-generated estimate – an opportunity you do not get with all of the home sellers going to those other websites.

Important: Some web developers are implementing property estimate technology on agency websites using a ‘widget’ style approach by embedding ‘scripts’ on your website and storing data on third-party databases. It’s important, if you are considering this technology, to ensure your data is protected. By using the Domain API, we are able to custom build these experiences using any design our client desires while retaining all user data within the agency’s website. 

Build it and they will come is NOT a strategy!

Simply adding the Price Estimate (or any other new) feature to your website will not, in itself, flood your business with leads. You should promote it across multiple channels, online and offline, and remarket it to people who you have previously interacted with to get maximum exposure of this powerful feature on your website.

Aside from running various digital campaigns through social media, email and SMS, Harris also utilises a number of offline promotion tactics including personalised DL cards for their agents to distribute in their community to drive traffic back to their very own personalised landing pages:

Here are a few more website examples:

Final thoughts

Real estate websites are no longer the static online brochures they once were. By putting the user in full control of the experience, conversion rates on your website will most certainly increase. Static pages with a simple web form asking people to provide their information, and then wait for someone to contact them, will no longer cut it in the future.

Sellers and buyers alike are craving more personalisation, more exclusivity and more privacy than ever before – something that only your website can deliver over all other platforms on the web. Great digital marketing starts and ends with a great website and it could be the difference between winning or losing your next listing.

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