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Imagine going into your next listing presentation, meeting or networking event knowing everything about the person you are about to meet and exactly where to take the conversation. Refresh is a free app that searches the web to deliver insights about the people you are meeting so you can stop those boring old conversations.

Using data from social networks and other online sources, Refresh is a free app that provides users with a quick, 30-second briefing on anyone you’re meeting. The app provides users with information about the other person like jobs, achievements, interests, friends, and trips, giving the user useful conversation points.

You can also make your own notes on the person, including things you promised to do, common events or shared interests. The app’s developers recently added maps and photos as well, which is nice when you’re wondering if a town is close to something you know. You can also find information on companies. 

You need to register through Facebook or LinkedIn. Refresh uses these sites to verify identity, and it does enable the program to find things you and the person you’re researching have in common. However, if you are not a member of Facebook or LinkedIn, you will not be able to use the app.

The mobile version of the app is not currently available in Australia however you can utilise the desktop version right now at

TIP: If you open this link on your smart phone, you can use the web version on the go.

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