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You’ve just received the latest Google Analytics report from your website developer but you have no idea what all of the numbers and colourful charts mean for your business. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you are not alone. This free web app turns all of those numbers into plain english so you can understand how your website is truly performing and make faster decisions on how to improve.

For people in the business of digital marketing we live and breathe data and analytics every day but our clients certainly don’t. You are in a position of power when analytics is guiding your every move in digital marketing but the very thought of looking at a website analytics report usually puts a real estate business owner to sleep faster than you can say Google.

We found a solution that turns website analytics into plain english and tells you exactly how your website is performing so you can make sense of all that data and make faster decisions on how to improve.

Quill Engage is a free web app by Narrative Science that will send you a weekly or monthly report which breaks down all of the data behind your website and delivers it to your inbox in easy-to-read narrative form.

When the report arrives, you can read it straight from your email inbox without having to download anything or be redirected to another website. It helps you cut through the noise of analytics data to actual trends and insights so you can make better decisions about your marketing strategy.

You might need a little help from your web developer to set it up, and it might surprise them to know this exists as well. Check out Quill Engage at

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