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There are thousands of platforms on the internet today that we, as real estate professionals, can use to market our businesses.

There’s social media, the portals, ratings and review websites. But there is one platform that trumps everything else.

Your website.

Your own website is the single most important platform for your business for one very important reason.

Your website and its audience are the only digital assets that you own.

When we have a presence on social media, take Facebook for example, you are simply renting access to an audience. You would’ve noticed over the last few years that your organic reach – the number of people who see what you post on Facebook – has got less and less. And now we have to pay to promote our posts to reach the same amount of people.

On the portals, it seems like the prices are just going up and up, right?

On any other platform that is not our website, we are renting access to an audience.

We are playing on someone else’s land under someone else’s rules and they can change those rules whenever they like. The can put up their prices, or reduce the number of people that we reach with our content. And there’s not much that we can do about it, unless we keep paying to promote our content and accessing that audience by renting access.

When it comes to your own website, there are no distractions. There are no banner ads. You can control what someone does when they land on your website and how they interact with your brand. Unfortunately, that’s not something you can control on any other platform.

The way we like to think about real estate websites is this. It’s using those other platforms, such as social media, the ratings and reviews websites, the portals, as much as we can to drive traffic from those platforms to the platform that we own – your website.

Real Estate Website Strategy

Therefore, we can control what happens next. Your visitors are not distracted by what’s in their news feed on Facebook, for example. You’ve got their full and undivided attention when they’re on your site.

How do we attract people to our websites in the first place and keep them coming back?

First, don’t think of your website as just another sales brochure or a flyer for our business – with your properties, results, awards and testimonials. That information is very important to include on our site, but rather think about your website as the Google of real estate for your local market.

Turn your website into the Google of real estate for your local community.

If you have a question, probably about anything, you’ll go to Google. You’ll type your question, and you’ll hit Search. Whatever website you land on, you’ll begin to build trust with that business very quickly. And when you’re ready to purchase whatever it is that you’re searching for, you’ll remember that business. You’ll remember that company because they helped you when you needed help. Your website should be no different.

What questions are you being asked as a real estate professional on a regular basis?

Here are a few you might recognise:

  • Do I need a building and pest inspection if I’m buying an auction?
  • If I’m a tenant, how long after I move out do I get my bond back?
  • How do I break my lease?
  • How long is the cooling off period when buying a house?
  • How much does a real estate agent charge?
  • What happens in a multiple-offer situation?

Sound familiar? It’s because these are questions you get asked daily in real estate via email, phone or in person. They also just happen to be questions that millions of Australians ask Google every year. Something magic happens when you publish answers to these questions on your website…

It’s one thing to know answers to questions about real estate, but something magic happens when you publish these answers on your website…

Google can see it.

And when Google can see text on a page of your website, that page will get indexed. And when a page of your website gets indexed, you’ll suddenly find those pages starting to appear in search results.

While SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be a lot more complex, the principles are based on the simple notion that…

Content does not exist on the internet unless you publish to it.

So think about your website as the Google of real estate and start publishing the answers to the questions that people are asking in your local community. Use those posts or that link from your website to post to social media, to your email list, or to a client next time they ask that question via email.

Do this, and I can assure you that your website traffic will soar. Don’t, and I can’t guarantee the same result.

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