3 Creative Examples Of Video Marketing In Real Estate|3 Creative Examples Of Video Marketing In Real Estate
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3 Creative Examples Of Video Marketing In Real Estate

Have you considered shooting video as a marketing tactic?

Do you think video is only for the high-profile agents with the big budgets and all the modern gear?

If you haven’t explored different ways of incorporating video into your business, you may be missing out on an opportunity for more engagement.

In this article, you’ll discover 3 Creative Examples Of Video Marketing In Real Estate. With these examples, you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

Let’s face it – the majority of videos being shot by real estate agents today are depressingly similar.

“Look at me, look at this stunning property I’m selling and look at all the shiny awards I’ve won that prove why you should list with me.”

Above this mire of mediocre content, a new agent is emerging who is shooting video that people genuinely want to receive, instead of video that agents think they need. They are shooting video not for themselves, but instead to entertain, educate and delight the people in their community.

Here are 3 Creative Examples Of Video Marketing In Real Estate.

1. Explainer/Educational Videos

The great thing about video is that it’s there forever. You have the ability to send it, share it, post it and promote it at any time and to anyone. The goal with your explainer videos should be to answer every question your clients and prospects might ask, before they think to ask it.

A report published by Mist Media states the average website visitor will spend 88 percent more time on a website site with video, so it pays to start building your library of helpful content now before your competitors do.

Brad Bell Real Estate in Brisbane has created BBRE TV – a library full of helpful videos for buyers, sellers, homeowners, investors and tenants. The library serves as a central repository full of inherently valuable content that is posted on social media, included in fortnightly newsletters and on its website for clients and prospects to self-serve. Topics are chosen a month in advance and working with a videographer, the team at Brad Bell will produce up to 20 videos a month.

Here’s an example of auctioneer and lead sales consultant James Bell helping buyers understand the multiple offer situation.

2. Make The Story Bigger

I was fortunate to interview Raj Qsar on Real Estate Pros in February this year where he attributed a quote to Plato and the Hopi American Indians:

“Those who tell the stories, rule the world.”

There are stories being told all around us every day and these stories are the foundation of great marketing if you give yourself permission to make the story bigger.

You might remember the ice-bucket challenge craze that took over our newsfeeds in 2014. Well Gary Peer Real Estate not only took part, but made the story bigger by creating this short video.

Couldn’t they have just put out a blog post or a photo handing over the cheque? You bet. Would that have been easier? Yes indeed. Gary and Philip took the time to make the story bigger and they used video to humanise the story in ways text or photos never will.

3. Create A Better Client Experience

If your competitors are trying to impress the same people with their special “something” (and they are), what makes your business so special? It’s no longer about shouting the loudest. Companies who create their own unique client experience are ultimately successful. Those that don’t, aren’t.

The team at Wendell Property Management in Auckland take their routine inspection reports to another level with video.

Would it be easier to take your iPad out to an inspection, write a few notes and email the report to the client? Of course. Do you think the clients of Wendell Property Management talk about this initiative to their family and friends? You bet. Do you think they’re going to want to do business with a competitor who offers traditional paper-based or emailed reports? Didn’t think so.

Over to you.

Are you using video in your business? What’s working for you? Have these examples inspired you to take your video marketing to another level?

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