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The average user spends 88% more time on a web page that contains a video.

Here’s another impressive stat for you:

The average conversion rate (someone filling in a form or calling a business) for websites using video is 4.8%, compared to 2.9% for those that don’t use video.

Video not only keeps people on your website longer (great for SEO!), it also significantly improves your chances of generating a lead.

As video continues its steady climb to dominance in the world of digital marketing, the appeal of a video-first marketing strategy has become increasingly evident. The endless stream of jaw-dropping stats attests to the medium’s power to supercharge the audience experience regardless of where they’re at in the sales cycle.

4 Ways To Optimise Your Lead Generation With Video

1. Client Reviews

84% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends. Let’s be honest – one of the challenges with real estate agents reviews is that consumers don’t really know if they’re genuine or not.

Using someone’s full name and photo at the bottom of a review certainly helps make it more believable, but even then, how do we know that people are actually reading our reviews?

That’s why video is so important to capture your website visitors’ attention and to boost your social proof. Instead of just telling potential clients what people think about you, show them.


Perth based property management firm Rentwest displays short, sharp video reviews throughout their website to capture the attention of potential clients no matter what page they’re on.

2. Team Bios

Since putting a human face on your brand is one of the most effective ways to build trust, converting or supplementing the team bios on your website should be on top of the video production list. What better way to pull back the curtain on the people behind your brand than to feature short, simple videos of team members talking about themselves and their roles from inside your workplace.


East Gippsland-based real estate company King Heath supplements its text-based team bios with video. Each person shares what they do at the company along with some personal interests.

Each King Heath salesperson has their own individual agent website within the framework of their agency website, accompanied by their video bio. Visit >

3. FAQs

Market analysts now consider the quality of customer experience as a brand differentiator that surpasses even price in importance in the digital age.

On this front, the value of a good FAQ page cannot be overstated. Not only do FAQs provide new customers with the information they need to make a purchase decision, they also save your team from having to take time to respond to simple questions, and they can even improve your search rankings.

As research indicates, most users prefer video to text in brand communication. Video-conveyed information also is more likely to be retained than text-based communication. Converting or supplementing your FAQ answers to convenient short informational videos can give you an edge over the text-only competition.

Gold Coast-based agency Kollosche have produced a number of high-quality videos answering popular questions asked by vendors, landlords, buyers and renters.

4. Virtual Tours & Walk-Throughs

Many real estate agents have been producing virtual tours and video walk-throughs for years but with the government imposed restrictions preventing open homes from going ahead, this trend has exploded. On the major portals, you are restricted to their functionality for displaying virtual tours in particular. Plus, you’re competing against all of the other listings on the market with other agents.

Displaying virtual tours and video walk-throughs on your own website gives you with unlimited possibilities as to how they’re displayed, how visitors can interact and the best part about having visitors engage with these assets on your own website is you’re no longer competing for attention.


Sydney-based group DiJones provide an immersive virtual tour experience to potential buyers on their single listing pages accompanied by video walk-throughs.

Optimise video conversions

A seamlessly integrated video strategy across your website offers great value to your brand and your audience. No matter whether it’s your client reviews, team bios, FAQs, virtual tours, video walkthroughs, or another tactic, converting or supplementing with video gives real life to your brand and presents a practical face-to-face opportunity for interaction.

Bottom line: More video can mean better results across your website.

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