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Two Quick Tips For Shooting Video In Real Estate

It can be a daunting process looking down the barrel of a camera to deliver a message that is then broadcast on the web for the world to see. You may be asking yourself, “Is my hair looking good? Do I have a piece of sushi stuck in my teeth? Have I done my fly up?” Sometimes it’s the bad habits we have formed over a lifetime that could be the difference between creating good and great content.

1. Ensure you look the part

One dilemma I see more often than not is that people turn the camera on and start shooting without examining their physical state. They can sound like they have just smoked a packet of cigarettes or look as rigid as a deer in headlights. There are simple solutions to these dilemmas but the key is to be aware of your physical and verbal state before hitting that record button.

Tight shoulders are common but the solution could be as simple as jumping up and down and rolling the shoulders to loosen up. Going for a run, getting a massage, drinking less coffee are other options but if we’re time poor, this is a one-minute exercise that will get us moving, heighten our energy and be relaxed when it comes time to shoot.

2. Warm up your vocal cords

For the voice, practise a minute of lip trills or any other technique you’ve discovered that helps warm up the vocal chords. There are plenty of great free tutorials online.

If you have more time up your sleeve then I suggest doing these exercises for a little longer. But if your video needs to be uploaded sooner rather than later, two minutes is all it takes to address these issues.

They are basic concepts but reminding yourself of these two simple steps will definitely have you on your voice and relaxed before shooting.

As a golfer has a pre-shot routine before they hit the golf ball, so should you develop a pre-video routine before you step in front of the camera.

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