Social Media

Facebook At Work

Facebook is reportedly undergoing secret testing of a new site called ‘Facebook At Work’ designed to let people use Facebook during their work hours under an enterprise solution for businesses. 

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Have We Lost The Social In Social Media?

There are more than 12 million active Facebook accounts in Australia and the average Australian spends one in every five minutes on social media each day. That’s 4.8 hours every day. So if people are spending that much time on social media, what are…

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Clean Up Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook has announced they are giving users more power to control what they see in their News Feed and provide feedback on what they are seeing from people, Pages and Groups. Is this good news for your company Page or community…

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Facebook For Real Estate: Page or Profile?

I must confess that for a long time I haven’t read a paper, I haven’t watched the news and I don’t get involved in discussions on real estate industry forums. To me, the constant negativity is pretty toxic stuff. But a Facebook…

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4 Reasons Why People In Real Estate Fail At Social Media

The amount of information available to real estate professionals today about their competitors, their community and their prospects is staggering. Just like RP Data, PriceFinder and On The House Group’s REsearch, Facebook provides data that can dramatically move the needle for brands and individuals…

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